After Earth Movie Review

Set in a future where humans have abandoned Earth for the distant plant of Nova Prime, living there for a millennia. The plot focuses on a father, Cypher Raige and his teenage son Kitai. The relationship between the two has been somewhat strained by Raige being away on an extended tour of duty, but when they are finally reunited they quickly find themselves in trouble.

Their spacecraft is damaged in an asteroid storm and they’re forced to crash land on Earth. Ragie is seriously injured, forcing Kitai to search the planet for their rescue beacon which will enable them to get back to civilisation of Nova Prime.

A really thought provoking piece of work – definitely worth a trip to the cinema.

Epic 3D Movie Review

A major release from the creators of Ice Age, Epic focuses on the father-daughter relationship between Mary Katherine (M.K.) and her scientist father who is on a quest to find a civilisation in the nearby forest. M.K. turns out to be the one to discover the civilisation, and is shrunken to their size by Queen Tara.

M.K. then is forced into an extended adventure that will see her befriend a Leafman warrior, take on the dangerous Boggans who have mortally wounded Queen Tara and deliver a new Queen to safety. M.K. and her friends in the forest face many challenges on the way, especially as the leader of the Boggans, Mandrake, comes ever closer to capturing them.

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